photo me5_zpsvbva4m1x.jpg
Would you look at that? I look 12. I was 15 in this.

 photo me_zpsl0gxf7hm.jpg

 photo vhs_zps0m32lljh.jpg
me on a tape, age 15

 photo easter_zpsctlfnaw1.jpg
Leandra and I on Easter. Age 16

 photo fun_zpsy0fwlhmb.jpg
Kaitlyn and I at school, age 16

 photo full_zps2s5hom1r.jpg
me in a parking lot, age 16

 photo leandra7_zpsv4v5h0pd.jpg
the day the new library opened. age 16

 photo 300x3006HIL74OB_zps9f0ct0yx.jpg
me being dumb again age 15

 photo 300x300PPY13BG3_zpsvhexbynn.jpg
showing off my room, age 15.
 photo 300x300L5D7RHI2_zpsyqglqjaz.jpg
Good ol Elise, age 15

 photo 300x300KFXXC3AY_zps5fo4ona1.jpg
lookin good next to some piles of shit, age 15
 photo 300x300J3Y7AF19_zpsdundwbkn.jpg
♥Leandra and I♥ age 15

 photo 300x300EWXIEMHN_zpsxgwbulrp.jpg
at the park with Leanrda--age 15

 photo 300x300B0EH4B22_zpsu7fkuqkq.jpg
I can be cool once in a while--age 15

Emily and I at school--age 16

The Same day

Levi!! --age 16

4th of July 2009-Madisen, Leandra, me, Megan--age 16

Kaitlyn and I at school-age 16


age 16

Some random kid???? and Emily

My best friend for years to come